Data privacy statement

I am required by law to keep adequate clinical records. As part of this, and in order to communicate with you regarding your pet’s health, when you register with HerpVet Services I will need some basic personal data (normally your initial/first name, surname, your address and at least one telephone number). Such records are required for the running of the practice, and for the contract between you and HerpVet Services.

Data storage and security

Your personal data will always be kept securely in the practice records and/or email system, protected by encryption, passwords and appropriate security software. Routine backups taken will also hold the data, and will be similarly secured.

Personal data

On registration with HerpVet Services, the data noted above will be taken and kept with the animal’s clinical records.
Other personal information kept with HerpVet Services records may arise from the following:

    • I will keep a copy of all forms I submit on your behalf (commonly insurance claim forms or microchip registration forms). Please note that these may include additional personal data of yours that is not normally taken for client registration purposes.

    • Any written communication (including email) you have with HerpVet Services (even if unregistered with HerpVet Services at the time of correspondence) will be kept securely in the practice records and/or email system; this may include such personal details as you provide or any information associated with email headers or signatures. Your agreement to this is required for such correspondence to be entered into.
    • You may voluntarily register your email address to be used by HerpVet Services for reminding you of vaccination/regular health checks or to update you on any practice developments or service status changes. In this case please email me from the email address you wish used, specifying that you give consent for your email address to be used "for my animals and HerpVet practice updates". Again, this will only be used for HerpVet practice purposes, and you may request to be taken off this list at any time.

Use of personal data

    • Such information will normally only be used for internal practice information and communicating with you.
    • It may also be used to confirm that the correct clinical records are used when corresponding with another organisation with a legitimate reason for seeing your animal’s records, such as an insurance company your animal is insured with, or another vet who has seen or might be seeing your pet.
    • Personal data you provide will not normally be used for any other purpose and will not be given out to any other organisation unless legally required.
    • In the event that I sell the practice, your personal data will normally be part of the sale and will be passed on to a buyer.

Data modification and deletion

    • I am happy to update your details at your request if you inform me of changes.
    • You have the right to access the personal data I hold about you; please write or email to request this, with stamped self-addressed envelope if writing. You will need to provide your full name and address to identify the correct personal data held.
    • You may request that your details are deleted at any time; however please note that due to my legal requirement for clinical records, I will retain enough information (your surname, initial and postcode) attached to the clinical history of your animal(s) to identify it in case of any future query or request for clinical history, for up to 8 years after last consultation date. I will also retain forms (e.g. consent forms) that I am required to keep.
    • Please be aware that requesting detail deletion will result in you no longer being registered with this practice, and you will need to register with another practice, or pay new client rates if you re-register with HerpVet Services.
    • Given the potential longevity of many exotic pets, clinical records of animals not known to have passed away, which will include your name and contact details, may be kept indefinitely after last consultation in case of future clinical relevance, although they may be deleted after 8 years.

If you have any concerns or queries about my data processing or this notice, please email or call me to discuss.

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