The following are a selection of links to various sites of interest. I'm not trying to be comprehensive here; just some of the sites that I have visited and consider the information given (at the time I looked) to be generally reasonable (although I don't necessarily agree with everything in them!). Most also have further links on them. Please note that I have no control over any of these sites and am not responsible for any information provided by them.

Current topical sites

Sites of topical interest

 External articles of interest

Excellent article on ultraviolet light for herps in captivity - must read for herp keepers!

Breathing in amphibians

ALL amphibian and reptile keepers should read this on herps and exotic diseases

British Veterinary Zoological Society has published guidelines for wildlife rescue centres - a must-read if involved in this work!

Excellent explanation of the things you need to consider BEFORE getting a bird as a pet

Guidelines for disaster preparation from Lafeber - worth considering these.


Veterinary societies/sites

British Veterinary Zoological Society

Association of Reptilian & Amphibian Veterinarians

American Association of Zoo Veterinarians

Association of Avian Veterinarians

World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association


General Herptile information sites

Sites providing information on keeping various herptiles. This is not to say that I necessarily agree with everything on them, but I would consider the information on them generally reasonable.

Some of the club/society pages below, particularly the chelonia society pages, often have lots of useful care info on them as well.

Yahoo groups are available for a wide range of species and subjects. They are often good to get a range of different views, although you do need to be a bit selective in what you believe. Similarly there are lots of pages of forums, some of which are listed below. I would especially recommend UVB_meter_Owners.

Nowadays there is often more activity on facebook groups, ones I am aware of that I would generally recommend include Reptile lighting, Advancing herpetological husbandry, Reptelligence-Reptile enrichment, training and education


Melissa Kaplan's web page - massive set of very useful and informative pages on all aspects of herptile keeping. excellent site on all aspects of amphibian keeping

Marc Staniszewski's Amphibian pages

Richard & Emma's tortoise info page

Frog forum - care sheets and forum on amphibians (mainly frogs & toads)

The Tortoise Table
- includes an excellent database of plants for tortoise feed/not feed

 Herptile Society sites

Sites run by various herpetological societies.

National Groups

British Herpetological Society


Local Groups/Rescues

Portsmouth Reptile & Amphibian Society

Berkshire Reptile Rescue

 Lenny's lizards reptile rescue

Chelonia groups

Tortoise Trust

British Chelonia Group

Tortoise Protection Group


Invertebrate societies/information sites

British Tarantula Society 

American tarantula society

Pet snails forum

Fish information sites

Info on seahorses - fusedJaw has a lot of information and articles. has information and articles

There is a useful forum on seahorses at

Bird Information/Societies/Magazines

Goodbirdinc - Very good website with lots of info on parrot behaviour

World Parrot Trust

U.K Parrot Society

Parrots Magazine

WING CLIPPING - Please note that I do not generally recommend wing clipping for several reasons (potential stress to the bird - these are naturally flighted animals, potential for resulting behavioural issues, potential for resulting feather plucking, variable effect of clipping in different birds/clips, never fully reliable, changes rather than eliminates the dangeers the bird is exposed to in the house, makes bird more vulnerable if it does escape).

If considering this, please feel free to discuss it with me, or research online - some information of relevance: clipping parrot wings a,

Suppliers/Services sites

Sites of various suppliers of publications and accessories. Although I am not endorsing all the goods/services provided here, I do use (or have used) all these suppliers/services personally, although not necessarily recently.

Vetark (vitamin/mineral supplements)

Oregon scientific wireless thermometers - various sources, e.g. Amazon

Ultraviolet meters - If seriously considering these, I suggest looking at Reptile lighting.

Local petshops - Evolution reptiles



DEFRA (Government Department for environment, food and rural affairs ) - see here for information on legislation, public health issues etc

CITES controls UK (endangered wildlife trade/transport controls)

 Note if selling a CITES-controlled species (e.g. most Mediterranean tortoises), you need to read/be aware of the information at DEFRA HERE - the summary guidance is HERE and more complete guidance HERE. If someone is gifting you such an animal, you should get some evidence - read the preceeding and also consider getting a form here.

Welfare organisations

Universities Federation for Animal Welfare


Conservation organisations

The Herpetological Conservation Trust


Amphibian & reptile groups (network of local herptile conservation groups)

Seahorse Trust



General pet keeping pages

Pets and Kids info

Informative general article on adopting and caring for rescue animals (note article is hosted by a commercial company which I do not comment on).

Rescue/education centres

Hounslow Urban Farm


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