Opening hours

Normal opening hours are as below (please note that these do not indicate that I am at the surgery). Consultation hours are at specific times - see below.

Please check current status on the home page in case I am unavailable.

The answerphone. During normal hours, if I am busy, you will get the answerphone. Technology willing, this will give you up to date information on current status (normal or emergencies-only service, whether you can leave a message, and the appropriate emergency number). Please listen to the message as it may contain more up to date information, but generally please leave your name, contact number, and a brief description of the problem/query, and I will get back to you as soon as possible, normally within 4 (working) hours. If you do leave a message, please also try again if you have not heard back, certainly within 4 (working) hours - it does happen that numbers left on the answerphone are unclear, or there is some other problem with the answerphone. 

Out of hours no routine phone calls are normally accepted, and messages will not be received during these hours. Similarly other messages (text, email, social media) will not normally be seen/dealt with out of hours.

I will generally aim to check email, texts and messages on social media at least once a day (during normal hours), and aim to respond within 8 working hours, but this may be longer. Again note that phone calls are the only method of communication advised for urgent clinical issues.

Consulting hours and consultations

Current normal consulting hours are as below - outside these times may be possible by special arrangement, but will generally involve a surcharge:


Again, please note that ALL consultations and collections of in-patients, drugs and equipment are strictly by appointment/arrangement only. Consultations and collections therefore need to be arranged, usually on the phone - other communication methods such as email are only possible for appointments well in advance but not for urgent cases.

If you are bringing in more than one animal let me know: This is not a problem, but it's not fair on other clients to keep them waiting while I have to examine several unannounced animals of yours because you're only scheduled for a single appointment!  I do offer a reduction (see below) on consult fees for subsequent animals seen at the same time, but only if you have booked them in!

If you are running late please let me know: If you are going to be late for an appointment (certainly more than 10 minutes late) please telephone to let me know (on the emergency number if necessary). I certainly understand there may sometimes be traffic or other problems, and I will usually be able to see you, although you may need to wait longer. However, if you are more than 15 minutes late without warning, there may be a long delay and/or a surcharge for your consultation - I may have had to start a procedure or seeing other clients, or leave the surgery.

Missing appointments: Obviously, I would be grateful if you could let me know as soon as possible if you cannot make your appointment - I may be coming in or waiting specifically for you!

Home Visits - I can do home visits, which may be useful both for fully assessing the housing and husbandry of the animal, and will also avoid  the stress of a car journey to your pet. However, you do need to be aware that these will be more expensive than a consultation at the surgery - please bear in mind that I have to cover not only for the car fuel/depreciation costs, but also for my travelling time to and from the visit.

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