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   HerpVet Services, (inside) Iffley Vets, 35 Iffley Road, Oxford OX4 1EA.
                  Tel: 07754 125302    Email: beavs@herpvet.co.uk
Dr. Bruce Maclean
BSc (VetSci), MSc, CertAVP, BVM&S, MRCVS
Veterinary surgeon/veterinarian


Get veterinary help for a poorly python, ailing axolotl or sick seahorse

Note: Please see below regarding the current COVID-19 situation - note that I am classed as clinically vulnerable (and if I get Covid/have to isolate, the practice shuts down), so the strict social distancing/biosecurity precautions as detailed below will be continuing until further notice.

In the current situation, please fill in summary forms (a history form, plus a husbandry form if I have not seen this animal (or a cagemate) before) for your animal(s) before the first consultation, and email them to me if possible before the consultation time.

The situation may change suddenly, if I have to isolate or I become ill, for example, and in such a situation I may need to cancel/postpone appointments -
when making/requesting an appointment, please ensure that I have up-to-date contact details for you so I can inform you.

Patients - crocodile
Caiman attacked by cagemate
Horned frog metabolic bone disease
Salamander with ascites (fluid)
Hedgehog with injured leg from beer can plastic
Doppler ultrasound of uromastyx (lizard) heart
Tortoise with ear abscess removed under anaesthetic
patients - seahorseradiog
patient-plucking cockatoo
patients - tree frog with foot lumps
Male seahorse with gas in brood pouch
Feather chewing cockatoo
Treefrog with foot abscess

What animals are treated?

My practice is dedicated to exotic pets - I do not routinely treat cats and dogs. Normally I deal with:

I have a special interest in amphibian and invertebrate medicine, and offer reduced rate consultations for them as well as for seahorses and other small tropical fish.

I will see injured or ill wild animals if necessary (no consultation charge during normal hours), especially reptiles and amphibians (or even invertebrates or fish!), but note that uninjured wildlife should almost always be left alone (and in the case of some species, legally must be left undisturbed).

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What are the opening hours?

Please see Opening hours for more detail, including normal consulting hours.
Please also check below for current status/any absences

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How can I contact HerpVet Services?

tel24hTelephone me 07754 125302 - this is generally best, and the strongly preferred method. It is the only method acceptable for urgent cases as I may not access other communications for some time.

The best time to call is usually between 8.30 am and 9.30 am.

Out of hours (see above) the answerphone will be active and give an emergency number for use in clinically urgent cases. Outside normal hours, telephoning the emergency line is the ONLY way to reliably reach me. The main line phone is switched off out of hours, so I will not hear/see messages, and I do not check work email/social media outside normal hours.

The following methods SHOULD NEVER BE USED OUT-OF-HOURS, OR FOR URGENT MATTERS AT ANY TIME as they will not be seen immediately, and it is always possible that a specific email/text/message gets lost. Delays involved in back-and-forth communication by these methods should be considered; for appointments, or most questions, please call me. 

emailEmail (beavs@herpvet.co.uk)

Texting is generally only suitable for non-urgent updates. Note that potential multiple-message text conversations will not generally be accepted  - please call if you have a query so that we can discuss it properly.

Messages via HerpVet social media pages

calendar Current News/service status

SPECIAL NOTE REGARDING THE CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) PUBLIC HEALTH SITUATION: Public health is still a major concern alongside the welfare of my patients, and minimising risk of infection is still important to us all. As a result, the current situation, which may change on short notice, is as below.

Current situation as of 01/12/2021:

I am currently available for consultations. However, due to the Covid situation (if I get Covid, the service shuts down) and my clinically vulnerable status, there will be ongoing limitations (independent of lockdown status) - you will not be able to enter the surgery building, and wearing of masks is requested for our conversation outside. Please comply with all requests of this nature and direction from myself or Iffley staff, which are for the benefit of all.
Also be aware that the situation may change suddenly, if I become ill or have to isolate. I will try to inform you of this here and on social media, but certainly if you have an appointment please ensure I have an up-to-date contact number for you.

The following procedures will generally apply, including out of hours:

The current situation may of course change rapidly, and if this involves me becoming ill or having to self-isolate I may not be able to update or respond to enquiries, but I will endeavour to keep you up-to-date via this website and social media. Thank you for your understanding and patience in these difficult times.

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