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Welcome to HerpVet Services.

HerpVet Services is a veterinary and information service based in Oxford. I aim to provide a complete service to give the best care and welfare for your pet, and your pet will - with a few occasional exceptions - always be seeing me. I will be able to fully discuss the husbandry of your pet - initial consultations 40 minutes - as well as any health issues.

Please follow the above links for more detailed information about me, the service and hours, as well as information sheets on specific topics and links to sites of interest.

Note on species treated

Normally I deal with birds (mainly psittacines - parrots, macaws, budgies, cockatiels, also chickens, waterfowl, finches), reptiles (if you have a tortoise, terrapin, turtle, snake, lizard, crocodile, alligator or caiman), amphibians (if you have a frog, toad, newt, salamander or caecilian), fish (mainly koi & goldfish, but also any freshwater or marine species - I have a particular interest in seahorses, keeping several species myself) and invertebrates (if you have a tarantula, scorpion, snail, millipede, mantis or other pet species).  I am also happy to see the more exotic pet mammals (pygmy hedgehogs, tenrecs, ferrets etc).

I have a special interest in amphibian and invertebrate medicine, and offer reduced rate consultations for them as well as for seahorses and other small tropical fish! I also run a reduced rate scheme for regular clients, with money off consultations and my out of hours fees.

I will see injured wild animals if necessary, especially reptiles and amphibians (or even invertebrates or fish!), but note that uninjured wildlife should almost always be left alone (and in the case of some species, legally must be left undisturbed).

Recent news/updates

Please note you can email me to receive email updates on the service (email updates will only include HerpVet Services updates, which will include notifications if I am away or running any special hours, updates to the website or information pages, any special offers etc). Email addresses submitted will be kept with practice records but never voluntarily released to any other organisation, and will be removed from the list at any time by request.

I also now have a Twitter account (@Herpvet), facebook page and LinkedIn Page where I will post news and service updates as well as exotic animal info and links to interesting articles - please feel free to visit them, like/follow and/or leave any comments (on any of the sites).

I am hoping to to be able to offer consultations in the Twickenham area of London soon - please email me if you would be interested in this and I will keep you updated.

Normal service is in operation.

This site is undergoing ongoing construction and modification. Feedback is welcome (email) - please note on your email if you wish to receive future updates.

   Please note all images and text on this site are copyright Bruce Maclean and should not be reproduced without my permission. Downloadable information sheets may be used as indicated on the individual sheet/booklet

Thanks are due to Krista Salter for help with the construction of this site.