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My name is Bruce Maclean. I am a qualified British Veterinary Surgeon (BSc(Vet Sci), MSc, CertAVP, B V M & S, MRCVS if you want the lot!), having graduated in 1992 from Edinburgh University. My background in exotic animals comes from a lifelong interest, including over 40 years experience in keeping and breeding a variety of exotic pets - my current pets are mainly rescues/rehomes, and include 31 assorted newts and salamanders, 2 frogs which stowed away in somebody's luggage from Burma, a small group of terrestrial caecilians, a group of 8 herman's tortoises, a pair of box tortoises, a royal python, and a leopard gecko. We also have 30 + adult seahorses of 5 different species, assorted other marine fish, koi and goldfish in an outdoor pond shared with wildlife, and a cat!
Free time, such as it is, revolves mainly around my pets and keeping up to date, but I also take a variety of courses for interest (recently completed a part-time MSc) and I am currently learning Japanese.

Some of my pets


Following graduation, I also spent a period at the University of Utrecht in Holland, further studying the veterinary care of birds and exotic animals. After a short period in mixed veterinary practice, I have spent 20 years working as a full-time bird/exotic animal veterinary surgeon. Working solely and full-time with exotic animals, I am able to devote my full attention to keeping up with advances in husbandry and veterinary care of these species. I had an enforced break in late 2013 - early 2015 to fight cancer, but I am currently in remission and back working with the animals I love.

I have contributed chapters to veterinary textbooks, as well as publishing several papers on veterinary care of these animals and speaking at student societies, conferences in the U.K. as well as abroad, and have the certificate in advanced veterinary practice.

I am a member of many professional societies, including British Veterinary Zoological Society, Fish Veterinary Society, Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians,  European Association of Zoo and Wildlife Veterinarians, World Aquatic Veterinary Medical Association, International Association for Aquatic Animal Medicine, as well as many more general societies devoted to the care of these animals, including the Tortoise Trust, British Chelonia Group, British Herpetological Society and British Tarantula Society.

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